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Re: Ignition sticks in crank...

You should be able to lube this up.  What I do with my keylock mechanisms
is to spray some silicone or Slick50 spray lube that you can pick up at any
Pep Boys.  If you think you have some gumming or something sticky in there,
I'd use plain electrical contact cleaner first to clean it out.  Just stick
the little tube in the slot and spray for a second or two a few times.
Grab the key and "exercise" mechanism.  Repeat as necc.  Allow to dry for a
few minutes.  Take the lube and give it a SMALL squirt and "exercise" the
mechanism again.

While you're at it, do the same for the door/trunk locks.

At 12:56 PM 9/17/1998 ,  Robert Paul Andrews was inspired to say:
>  My 93 90 ignition switch will ocassionally stick in the crank position.  A
>  little knudge on the car and I can move it back to normal where it should
>  fall after cranking.  Can I fix this with a little lube or will I have
>  to get a new lock tumbler for it?
>  Thanks!
>  Rob

	88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally