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Re: Help! Audi gods are angry

Try unlocking all the doors and then diconnecting the battery for a few
minutes,  if someone has turned the key from one side to the other quickly
it can "flop" the vacuum pump and cause this problem.  we see this at the
dealer when salesman do this unknowingly demonstrate cars.  After 2-3
minutes reconnect battery and try it.  Note: if you don't have the radio
code you may cause it to lock up and still need to stop at the dealer.
Good luck.

Daniel Jones 86 4kcsq 164,000 and strong.

At 10:59 PM 9/18/98 -0700, you wrote:
>My wife sums up the problem- Too much technology.
>I have a 93 S4.  The lock/alarm system is in a mode that I have
>never seen before.  In a nutshell, the locks are out of sync
>with whatever the brains of the car think they should be.
>When I press the button on the key to change the state of
>the lock
>	locks down (i.e. 'locked'),  interior lights come on.
>	locks up, interior lights off, but when I open the
>	door, the alarm goes off.
>Are you seeing a certain catch 22 here?  If I lock the car,
>I can't get into it.  But if unlock the car, then when I open
>the door, the alarm goes off.  
>The manual hints at certain mysteries in the system
>and talks about the keys being unsynchronized with the
>system, but it's the locks themselves that are unsync'ed.
>If the doors are locked and I try to unlock with the key,
>the lock unlocks then tries to lock again.  This is so
>Some combination of locking and unlocking and opening the door
>very quickly will allow me entry to the car and the ability
>to start it.  But only after screwing around a bit and
>having the alarm system go off a number of times.
>It's Friday night.  I don't want a weekend of this plus
>a trip to the dealer.  I have to believe someone somewhere
>has encountered this before.
>Anyway, being gullible, I decided to follow the procedure
>to resync the keys (you know, put one key in the ignition,
>lock car with other key, click it the number of times to
>correspond to the key number and that's that).  Well
>that 'worked' *except* since the locks are out of sync,
>I had to unlock the car, then program, then lock and
>well, I might as well have changed the oil for all it
>did to improve the situation.