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R&R Heater Core-88 Audi 90(4cyl)

Today was the day I decided to replace the heater core in 
my wife's 88 90!  Yee-Haw!  I've been putting it off until the last
minute. Or until the wife said she was "cold" in the morning's!

Quite a job!

Allot of removing parts to access the core!
The entire dash, and center console had to be removed!
(Audi's use of plastic in these series of car is quite extensive)

Once removed the  heater core's "box" (black plastic) had to be
separated from the a/c unit "box".
Of course the Bent-ly was not a great help in this area........
Each of the box's internal flaps, had their sealing material 
eroded away, which left big gaping holes for hot an cold air to mix
freely!  No wonder the a/c wasn't working very well........

I managed to un-clip and separate the two units, and wrestle
the heater side out from under the dash frame. Once removed, the core 
practically falls out! Mine apparently had been leaking for sometime.

The 90 looks rather helpless without its dash, so I snapped a few 
digi-pictures of the ordeal.

The entire job took just over 5 hours.

If anyone is planning, or finds them selves needing to replace
their heater core on their 80-90 series, let me know!

I've got a few pointers not in the Bent-ly, that will help the job go
much smoother!