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Re: 5000 cstq listing to port

Yes! I've noticed that since I got the car in '93. I actually measured it
several weeks ago by measuring the distance between the fender lip and
the edge of the rim. Since the car was not perfectly flat, I turned it around
and measured again. Even with the driver's side on the downslope, the
passenger side was closer to the ground. I don't know what it is!
It seems to be the same front to back. Clearly, there is more engine weight
on the passenger side.
Possibly related, when changing my rear shocks, I noticed it was much harder
to push down the passenger side suspension when trying to get the shock
back in. On the driver's side, it was fairly eash to push the suspension
down to get the bottom bolt into the shock. Perhaps that means I have
shot bushings on that side, but I also wondered about pre-load on 
the bushings (causing the car to list also).