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Re: Chevy power

Bob says:

>Its all subjective. I have a few SB chevys and they are good engines. But half of my love for the audi is the 5 cylinder that comes with it....<

for the most part, I agree with you.  A purist may not want Chebby in a P car or an Audi.  But, that is why milkshakes come in more than one flavor:)  If you want the hp / ft. lb., increase, V8 is a great way to go.
Also, most of the past claims here of 350 hp out of
the I-5t are dreams---where is the fuel coming from?

>Personally, I wouldnt think twice at buying an audi (I5) with 200K+ Miles on it. If a chevy engine had 200K on it, Id run away from it...never looking back.<

I would need to see the car.  Most audi's with that 
mileage [mine almost included 165,000m] are selling for under $5k.  How can you hurt the resale
value of a $2,500 car?     

If you are happy with the power from the I5, there is little reason to look at any swap.  Many people want more power:)