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Re: dump valve install (URGENT)

On Mon, 21 Sep 1998, Dave Aukerman wrote:

> Installing dump valve kit on 89 200tqw.  Diagram shows a vac/press. line
> going to the top of the dump valve.  I this simply a tee off the vac line
> from turbo?  Sorry for the urgency, but I need to get the car back on the
> road tonight.


That line needs to be off of the manifold.  The pressure side of
the turbo will not see vacuum in closed throttle conditions, actually a
pressure spike occurs (reason for dump valve in first place). The vac.
from the manifold helps to open this valve. 

Brendan Rudack
'98 A4tq 
'88 90q 2B tq pro-rally ride
Fenton, Michigan