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FS: 20v turbo oil lines REDUCED!

I've posted this once before, but now that I've figured out what the hit
will be to return these parts I ordered mistakenly, I thought I'd chop the
price to what I'd net if I ship them back and pay re-stocking.

For the '91 200 20vt 3B, (and possibly S4/S6) I have:

034 145 735 B (braided stainless oil return line connecting turbo and oil
filter bracket);

034 145 771 (braided oil feed line connecting turbo and bracket);

034 115 417 (the actual oil filter bracket casting w/o it's various

Full boat dealer retail for the three pieces is over $1K, my cost was $465.
I'd happily take $250 (vs. the $350 I posted earlier) for the lot to avoid
the hassle, delays, and high finance (German companies mostly work with wire
transfers) of returning the stuff.

Needless to say, these are new parts with OEM labeling and packaging.

Hope this helps someone,

Brandon Hull
'91 Ersatz S2