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Re: intercepted e-mail

I know what that is...

Tamara in Dover NH (of the black 84 4kq with leopard skin interior) owns
the email addresses in question, but I don;t think she was on the list,
couldn't get the 'puter time to deal with it.  Strange how you got an
auto-address correction from her in reply to a list post...???

BTW, she hosts the "no rules*" show on WUNH, our local musical salvation
station.  Best radio station in the world.

*punk, oi, ska, hahd core, etc.

Matt Bauer wrote:
> Check this out. Below is an e-mail I received after sending one to the
> Quattro list. Somehow someone stole it, then replied to me. The message
> still posted to the list as if nothing happened, but its kind of
> strange. This message was sent to me to  look like my message had been
> bounced, but upon closer examination, it is quite obvious that this is
> not where the list would be going if it were to move.
> Matt
> This address is no longer correct please resubmit mail to the following
> address to get in touch
> with no rules radio
> email: norules00@yahoo.com
> or sent email to: punk05kitty@mailexcite.com
> and don't forget to check out the website
> at http://www.angelfire.com/nh/NoRules00EvilKitty/
> cheers...
> --------------------

Huw Powell


the steering wheel isn't connected to anything, it's just a place to
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