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5KS auto trans questions

	The transmission in my son's '88 5KS (~140K miles) is getting flaky.  Our
understanding is that the trannies in these cars go out because the seal
between the final drive and the transmission fails and allow the fluids to
cross-pollinate.  Is that correct?
	I also recall that someone on the list made some observations about a valve
that may not be operating correctly.  Did that go anywhere?  Anyone else check
into that yet?  I thought I saved the information, but can't find it anywhere.
As I recall the speculation was that the valve got sticky, which prevented
proper shifting and that cleaning/replacing the valve might save an overhaul.
Anyone recall this info?  Anyone know what valve this is and where it's

	The symptoms in his 5K are slow shifting into reverse and slow to shift from
second to third.  I assume these are the "classic" symptoms.
	IF nothing comes across the list about the valve, what's the best route to
take?  Is there a seal for the final drive that works?  How hard are these
trannies to rebuild?  What has to be replaced to get it going correctly?