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Re: 5KS auto trans questions

At 09:09 AM 9/22/98 EDT, you wrote:
>	The transmission in my son's '88 5KS (~140K miles) is getting flaky.  Our
>understanding is that the trannies in these cars go out because the seal
>between the final drive and the transmission fails and allow the fluids to
>cross-pollinate.  Is that correct?

Yes and no. The main problem is the piston bores wear out for the shift
mech - can't be repaired, must throw out case. What I was told. Good news
is that tranny is avail rebuilt over the counter for like 300.00. Talk to a
VW place.

>	The symptoms in his 5K are slow shifting into reverse and slow to shift from
>second to third.  I assume these are the "classic" symptoms.

Yup - for the piston problem.

>	IF nothing comes across the list about the valve, what's the best route to
>take?  Is there a seal for the final drive that works?  How hard are these
>trannies to rebuild?  What has to be replaced to get it going correctly?

The whole thing.
The job itself is quite simple. The Bentley gives complete guidance. I did
my 79 5KS 4 times and got VERY good at it. The later model trans are the
same as is the procedure.

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