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re: '98 A4 Chip Questions

"McCarthy, Edward" <emccarth@mitre.org> said: 
>I am interested in chipping it and read an article on the
>four leading chip makers in European Car.

There are a few more players... Neuspeed has a low-boost (compared to
mtm, Wette).

>The mag describes the process as a 5 minute deal with no other mods
>required.  Is that really true?

Even less if you know what to pull...

>Does Audi have any plans to update chip code during
>scheduled maintenance ala BMW, thereby requiring me to switch back to >my stock chip before scheduled maintenance?  Also, do the chip 
>manufacturers send out scheduled software updates?

Audi did change out a few ecms due to lag in the automatic. Others have
had a mod chip exchanged for a factory fresh one, but I would discuss it
with the tuner first. As far as the tech noticing the chip the the obdII
computer, they can't. Its transparent.
Some tuners will upgrade softeare, others? Some tuning 'ladders' offer
free software upgrades if you buy larger intercoolers and turbos...

>Any general advice on the process?

I could get into a huge discussion about pricing, boost levels, 'mine is
better than yours' crud... but I won't. Investigate for yourself and be
happy with your purchase. 

http://a4.org has archives you can search... this topic had been debated
to death. Get a new copy of european car mag and call the tuners. 

>Things to look for after its done?  etc.

Speeding tickets? Sudden grin syndrome?

>General pricing info??

Range from <$200 to ~$600.

Jason Palmer
97 A4 1.8Tq mtm
88 GTi