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Re: 87 CGT Dash Lights

Piece of cake, just did the same thing.
Use the Radio Shack bulbs listed, get a $6 soldering
iron from them, and heat up the dab of solder on each leg of
the bulb, then pull the leg away from the tab on the switch.
Once both legs are off you can carefully pry the bulb up and out of
the socket.

To install the new bulb, place it in the socket, then you can a)
wrap each leg around the terminal and apply solder (my BIL's
method) or b) cut the legs, solder one leg in place, then
do the second one (my usual method).

There's not much to mess up if you've already figured out how to
open the switch.  Be sure to use some contact cleaner and/or
sandpaper to clean up the contacts inside the switch.

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