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Re: 1988 Audi 90 Quattro???

Well, I paid $3k for mine and it had 150K.  It had a ton of recent stuff
done to it.  It came with a complete service record as the 1st owner was a
salesman who had it dealer serviced (mechanics independently verified with
list member who used to work at dealership).

What's the condition of the car?  The car is pretty bulletproof.  Any rust
in the lower door panels or trunk (underneath the lip, above the license
plate)? If so, the 10 year rust perforation warranty is about to expire on
the car.  Timing Belt service records are a must! If it hasn't been yet
(60-90k miles is the recc.), the engine's on borrowed time.  Button lights
burn out, make sure you get the radio code, check the CV boots, make sure
the flywheel has all its teeth (you can see through the housing), if it
doesn't have the underside engine guard check the condition of the lower
bits for gunk/damage, make sure the PO only used Pentosin in the power
steering bottle, see if you an wiggle the tired to see if the suspension
bits are in good shape.  Nothing really major to look out for on this car:
no bomb, no turbo, no funky HVAC system, door locks don't break as often as
the 5Ks, etc...

At 10:09 AM 9/23/1998 ,  Derick Farfan was inspired to say:
>  I am looking at a 88' 90 quattro with 175,000 miles for $1800, should I
>  buy, or am i just asking for trouble.  The owner says "the front end has
>  a little creaking noise which is typical of this car, he has replaced
>  the lower control arm bushings, struts and bearing caps to try to get
>  rid of the noise to no avail. He thinks the sub frame bushings need to
>  be replaced.  It has the winter package, heated leather seats, trip
>  computer, the works.  What do you think...  TIA
>  Audi 85' 4000S ( desperatly looking for a newer "q")

	88 90Q - <insert pithy witticism here>
	88 Golf GTi - PRO Rally