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$500 Audi, last details

Finishing up on the $500 Audi 4000, we are left with the following minor

Car is an 86 4000 4 cyl, automatic.

1) Hard to start when cold. Replaced air filter (WHAT were they thinking
when they designed that?), fixed a few cruddy hoses, changed plugs,
generally cleaned up plug wires (way too long), cleaned throttle valve
plate, replaced and checked operation of WOT and idle switches. Needs an
ISV elbow - not leaking, just nasty looking . . . Need a few "check this"es
on this item.

2) Automatic transmission leaks, evidently from an o-ring on the right (?)
side of the tranny. Local thieves quoted $80 to fix it, I figure it'll take
15 minutes and a couple of o-rings - any BTDT's on this one? Drips only a
few drops when parked, PO says it leaks a quart of ATF in 60 to 100 miles!
- I'm sure I'll see this when I actually crawl under, but if anyone has
already done this, I'd appreciate some advance information.

3) How much trouble is the timing belt on this one? We can't find anything
in the service records about when (if) this was done last, and I'm thinking
that just-in-case would be a real good idea.

Tell ya what, the happy owner (who just turned 17 on Friday) has himself
one heck of a nice car, for well under a grand, too! I've told him ANY TIME
he decides he doesn't want this car, I'll write him a check - somehow I
don't think he's gonna take me up on it!

Best Regards,

Mike Arman