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RE: gas mileage 86 4ks 4 cyl stick

I have an 86 4000 5-spd and get 32-33 on the high end even with a good
amount of city driving.  I think I've always at least gotten 27-28 minimum.
I once drove from Indianapolis to about 50 miles west of Chicago AND back on
one tank (right at 500 miles.)  I think that trip was at least 32-33, but I
also filled the tank up to the top, which seems to take forever to fill up
on these Audi's (and 944's).  What's amazing is that it still has really
good power for getting such good mileage.  I'm not getting rid of this car
for a long time.  I just got new P6000's for it, so it might start getting a
little better mileage.  BTW it has 140k on it.


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> What sort of gas mileage should I exepct from my 86 4000s 4 cyl manual
> shift?