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Re: All CIS fuel distributors alike?

The letter code does mean that they are different. In some cases, it might hook
up fine, but then it will not fit the air box. Also keep in mind that there are
4 cyl and 5cyl versions. Your CGT will take one from the following:

84-87 4kq
85-87 2.2l 5k
85-87 2.2l CGT
85-88 VW Quantum

The urq as follows:

82-84 urq
80-83 5kt


Fluhr wrote:

> Are all CIS (not CIS-E, just K-Jetronic/K-Lambda) fuel distributors
> functionally equivalent?  That is, would a CIS fuel distributor from
> a normally aspirated engine operate the same as one from a turbo
> engine (e.g. plunger lift vs. fuel delivery)?
> The part numbers appear to vary by the letter code:  e.g. 035 133 481 CX
> for the n/a engine versus 035 133 481 DX for the turbo.  I am hoping
> that the difference is only in the location of the fuel-line attachments,
> rather than in any difference in fuel delivery.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> '85 CGT, '82 urq
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