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Re: Wheel stuck...help!

This happened to me once during the winter in my 84 Volvo wagon. What we did was
attaced a tow rope to the front of my father's 5ktq and wrapped it around the
wheel. It came right off...oh wait! You said WITHOUT damage. Nevermind.


MSV96@aol.com wrote:

> I know, sounds trivial but...the left front wheel on my 87 5ktq is stuck to
> the hub and I am seeking advice on how to remove it without damage (15 x 7
> Fuchs wheel).
> The last place to install this wheel was an alignment shop who rotated my
> tires and aligned the car back in April. The shop is a one man independent who
> is well known as an excellent alignment tech in local P-car circles. He
> mentioned that he had a "very hard time" removing the left front when he
> rotated the tires...I think he had to use a puller maybe. I will call hime
> today and see. I sorta feel like he shoulda taken some steps to ensure that it
> didn't get stuck again. The problem seems to be with the hub, not the wheel.
> I was rotating tires (well was trying-got the right side done) while doing an
> oil change Saturday and the wheel is stuck but good. I did not try real hard
> yet to get it off as I am suffering from the flu and wanted to get back
> inside. I can see there is no way I would have gotten this wheel off in the
> event of a flat though and want to "fix" this problem. Any and all advice will
> be much appreceated! TIA
> Mike Veglia
> 87 5kcstq