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RE: Clutch 5KCSTQ

	>1.   How can a clutch like this just 'gradually' go?  I thought
that when
	>they go -- they GO.

I have never had an Audi clutch go, but on other makes, the
clutches did get stiffer just before they wore out. They seem
to engage right at the last bit, and that is where the force 
needed to SLOWLY release it is the greatest. When the clutch
is new, the ENGAGEMENT point is near the floor, where the
clutch has more mechanical advantage ( usually, by design ).

However, the HARDER SHIFTING symptoms sound like a
badly adjusted clutch that does not fully release, hence I
thought that there was perhaps something mechanically
wrong with the clutch throw/release mechanical/hydraulic

	>2.   What are those other parts you mentioned -- ' bad master or
	>     or bad components.. throwout bearing, fingers broke in the
	>and which of these components will I likely need        given these
	>symptoms?  Symptoms:  slightly stiffer clutch pedal, slightly

	>4.   How do I bleed the hydraulic system -- and will it improve
	>What other ways can I improve shifting?  It was very smooth before
-- now
	>it's just 'smooth'

	Bleeder nipple right on the slave cylinder. manual bleeding with
	conscripted SO pushing the clutch pedal, and slow, controlled
	pressure releases from the bleed nipple.

	>Thanks all,

	>87 5KCS TQ
	>85 4KS Q
	>82 VW Cabrio