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Re: Clutch 5KCSTQ


Thanks Alan -- you brought me to another set of clutching questions!

There isn't anything wrong with the clutch.  Yes, the pedal is stiff, but
it has always been that way.  When I asked the dealer to look and see
what's up with the shifter -- he said that I will need a new clutch soon
and gave me  a quote on parts & labor.

here are my new questions:

1.   How can a clutch like this just 'gradually' go?  I thought that when
they go -- they GO.

2.   What are those other parts you mentioned -- ' bad master or slave
     or bad components.. throwout bearing, fingers broke in the clutch...'
and which of these components will I likely need        given these
symptoms?  Symptoms:  slightly stiffer clutch pedal, slightly

3.   How can I tell what parts I need?

In my 4KSQ when the master went -- depressing the clutch pedal didn't do
anything.  The car had to literally be jammed into gear!

4.   How do I bleed the hydraulic system -- and will it improve shifting?
What other ways can I improve shifting?  It was very smooth before -- now
it's just 'smooth'

Thanks all,

87 5KCS TQ
85 4KS Q
82 VW Cabrio