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Re: Clutch

On Mon, 28 Sep 1998 four.rings@mcione.com wrote:

> > a Sachs OEM clutch, and the effort on the new one was very low, contrary
> > to previous experience.
> Consistent with my impression of driving one of Mike Zamikhovsky's turbo
> quattros after he replaced the OEM Sachs (at around 200kmi) with the new OEM
> Sachs.
> The replacement OEM felt almost as light as the super soft clutch on my '98
> A4TQ.

Its good to see that everyone is experienceing the same thing with these 
new clutches.

I figure it has to have something to do with the lever arm on the 
pressure plate.  The slide on the throw-out bearing was fine on the one I 
took apart, so I don't believe that is what was so stiff on the old clutch.

Graydon D. Stuckey

"There's alot more to Jazz than just wrong notes"