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RE: 200TQ speedo shakes, odo stops

Check the sender unit on the transmission. It's a black plastic finger
that goes down inside, with a sort of clip on top to hold it in place,
and a connector (obviously). Hard to describe, but easy to remove --
unclip, rotate and withdraw.
You can open it up, inside you'll find a magnetic reed switch, mine was
knackered. Replacement can be ordered from an electronics component
supplier - I think I used Digi-Key.

Nick Craft

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> From: Lamb, Bill [mailto:Bill_Lamb@kne.com]
> Sent: Monday, September 28, 1998 6:55 PM
> To: 'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
> Subject: 200TQ speedo shakes, odo stops
> I have used the search engine but DID NOT find an
> succinct answer for this problem.  My '89 200TQ has started doing
> the speedo dance with the odometer failing as well.
> Sometimes things work perfectly, other times it is hosed.
> What is the prognosis and fix?  Is it a DIY'er?
> Thanks in advance for direct pointers to specific Qlist dates or
> insights.
> Bill
> '89 200 TQ that is starting to mask its true mileage.