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Re: T-5R, 996 & Other

Until this year, the T-5s were all--ugh--automatics. I am not sure whether or
not that pkg. was available on wagons, though. I have a friend who has--don't
ask how--a car dealer's license and he'd take me to dealer's auctions (in this
case, in Orlando, FL) where we saw lease return Volvos on the 1st Wed. of the
month. Normally, there would be about 200-300 of them, and usually 3-4 of them
would be T-5s which just came off a 3 year lease, and had (I believe) one year
of warranty left on them. They ended up being auctioned off for between $16K &
$19K. Most had about 36K mi.

I have been unduly blessed by having a wife who HATES driving automatics
(Attagirl, honey!) and as such, I never bought one, even if the prices were
attractive. She is egging me on to get a, say S6 since she dearly loves the

In love with a leadfooted babe,

-Joe in SoFla
1992 S4, ~47K mi.