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deciphering 5KTQ option codes & sunroofs

Can anybody out there decipher option codes?  Specifically my '86 5KTq  
has the following: R35, 079, 139, 340, 650, 666, & 668.  On a similar 
note for those 5KTq owners with Fuchs, do you have a Fuchs spare or a 
regular wheel?  (I have a regular one, painted pearl)  I'm curious to 
know if my car originally came with the Fuchs or some PO added them.  On 
a different subject, after months of a perfect sunroof, I noticed 
yesterday one corner was sitting a bit low, upon examination I 
discovered a broken tilt bracket, it looks to be the same quality of 
metal as the door handles.  Any BTDT?  It doesn't look too difficult to 
replace, I'm curious if this is a common problem.
-Matt Martinsen

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