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Re: Bonehead windshield washer question

Hairy green toads from Mars made AMZ say:

> I'm sure there is going to be a simple answer, but here I go anyway...
> My '88 5ksq windshield washer seems to have no pressure.  Washer fluid
> barely dribbles out of the nozzles.  The reservoir is full.  Unfortunately,
> it is not like my '74 Superbeetle which gets washer pressure from the spare
> tire.  I've checked the Q-list search engine, but to no avail.

The tubing that routes the washer fluid under your hood to the
jets probably popped out of one of the jets, so most of the
fluid is falling on the ground.

My '89 100Q (the exact same car as yours) did this ALL the time.
That tubing is about 1/4" too short to fit properly. What I did
was take out one of the clips that holds it to the hood, which
gave me an extra 1/2" or so or slack. Worked for 3 years now.


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