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Re: Bonehead windshield washer question

At 07:59 AM 9/30/98 -0400, Andrew Duane USG/PE wrote:

>The tubing that routes the washer fluid under your hood to the
>jets probably popped out of one of the jets, so most of the
>fluid is falling on the ground.
>My '89 100Q (the exact same car as yours) did this ALL the time.
>That tubing is about 1/4" too short to fit properly. What I did
>was take out one of the clips that holds it to the hood, which
>gave me an extra 1/2" or so or slack. Worked for 3 years now.

Ditto exactly on my '92 100S. I also took out one of the clips... but that
in itself didn't totally cure it. I had to resort to wrapping a bit of Duct
tape around it to keep it from popping out. It's held for at least a year
or more now.

      Jim Griffin