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Re: 'bomb' failure sensor

G. Benedikt Rochow wrote:
> (concerning '84 5000S)
> My mechanic tells me that my bomb is bad.
> I'll live with that for a while, but AutoCheck
> keeps telling me, too. Where's a good (easy) place
> to disconnect that sensor, so that the light
> will be off and able to come on if another sensor
> says so?
> TIA,
> -gbr
G. Benedict:
Sensor (sender) is located above auxiliary boost cylinder, located
behind the brake master cylinder and very close to the firewall. Has two
connectors attached....disconnect one.....done!!!
CAUTION !!!! I maintain, that with  a "dead" bomb a loaded car like
yours at 70 mph and requiring a true emergency stop.... will not make it
!!! at least will travel considerably more distance !!!! ( some list
fellows will disagree !!)
Replace the "bomb" ASAP if it is truly dead