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Re: 'bomb' failure sensor

In message <361291E6.72E2@worldnet.att.net> Pcarselle writes:

> > My mechanic tells me that my bomb is bad.
> > I'll live with that for a while, but AutoCheck
> > keeps telling me, too. Where's a good (easy) place
> > to disconnect that sensor, so that the light
> > will be off and able to come on if another sensor
> > says so?

> Sensor (sender) is located above auxiliary boost cylinder, located
> behind the brake master cylinder and very close to the firewall. Has two
> connectors attached....disconnect one.....done!!!

I don't think I've ever heard anything so irresponsible.

The sender on the brake servo is giving a very simple message - instead
of the nominal 140 bar assist pressure, there is (nominally) less than
107 bar.  There are a number of possible causes for this, but the
general consequence is - there is insufficient brake assist available to
provide safe braking.

Forget the bullshit about 'twenty brake applications from a full bomb' -
that applies only to non-ABS braking operations.  In a _real_ emergency,
ABS eats brake assist at 0.25 bomb/sec.

[To original poster]

A bad bomb results in a potentially LETHAL vehicle.  True, you can drive
around and pretend there isn't a problem.  Do me (and every other driver
you're likely to meet) a favour - take your car out on gravel or snow
and see how it stops once the ABS engages.  Friendly tip - pick
somewhere without too many trees, and lay a plastic sheet under your

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