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Re: Bulletproof Cars? Not...

Wow I am wondering how one gets shot at durning a TSD?
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From: Richard Beels <beels@technologist.com>
To: <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Wednesday, September 30, 1998 4:23 PM
Subject: Bulletproof Cars? Not...

>>   >> handguns, especially those shooting the hollow point ammo, were
>>   >> harmless. That's why the Police hide behind the car doors in a
>>   >> The door offers a quite adequate protection.
>Completely?  Ummm, sorry no.  I live in suburban Detroit and, ummm, have
>some experience in this.  I shoot quite a fair bit and growing up, would
>head down to the neighbor's truck & car junkyard to liberate France and
>perforate many an expired car or whatever else the junkyard had hanging
>Some random data points: A couple guys I know were shot at while on a TSD
>rally in Southern Ohio last April.  They guy pumped 6 shots into the car
>with his 9mm (from about 15-25 yards), with the following result:  "One
>thru the driver door which shrapnelled into my leg (the door does not open
>now), one thru the center of the hatch that went thru the seat, Jamie's
>arm, HVAC controls, firewall, and dropped someplace out in engine
>compartment, one thru the rr of car above taillight assembly, thru plastic,
>thru speaker cone and basket, one in LR tire, one thru the tailpipe,
>posssibly the same one into the rear axle (remember this is an Integra)."
>In college (in Detroit proper), I was riding in a (ex-)friend's 5kt (SEE,
>here's audi content) when we stopped at a house for a party.  Of course,
>being less than completely sober, we stopped at the wrong house.  The
>occupant, was, shall we say, less than happy to see a bunch of guys
>"attacking" him and he came out with a .22 pistol.  We ran, jumped in the
>car and took off.  He started shooting, about 15 yards away.  Two bullets
>penetrated the C pillar and became lodged in between the interior trim
>pieces and the metal (The strength of German steel?).  Adam, who's head
>would have been perforated never rode with Craig again.  Me?  I wouldn't
>ride with him either, but still borrowed his car (boost IS addictive<g>).
>I was riding in a friend's car, white Ford Escort GT (college students
>can't be choosy sometimes when their car isn't working) one day and got
>stuck at the McDonalds drive through.  The (again, ex-) friend was into
>drugs (Detroit again) and some of his "friends" saw his car while driving
>by.  Stopped and took a shot at ME!  I can play this in slow motion in my
>head: me just kinda glancing sideways and seeing the guy gesticulate at the
>car, them slowing way down and the guy going for the gun under the seat, me
>getting all wide eyed as he comes up and starts to shoot, notices I'm not
>John, shoots anyways and takes off.  Bullet went through both doors and
>into the brick of the McDonalds, leaving a nice pock mark.  Probably 9mm,
>35 feet away. "Funny" thing was the first time I borrowed his car, he
>mentioned this might happen.  hahaha....
>Hollowpoints go through steel, they go through windshields.  There's lots
>of data on this; variables include caliber, bullet design, cartridge
>charge, angle of penetration, hollow-point "stuffing" (e.g. shoot somebody
>in a sweater and the hollowpoint 'fills' with sweater and doesn't expand),
>etc...  Hiding behind a car is better than standing out in the open but you
>want more than an 1/8" thick piece of steel (plastic??? fiberglass???)
>between you and a speeding bullet.  The funny thing about most movies is
>they show cops, not crouched over the fenders, but standing between pillars
>with their torso exposed - as if auto glass has magical bulletproof
> Richard
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