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Bimmer boy crashes the guestbook at Audi-S-Cars

Hey guys,

It seems that a BMW "Elite" (gustav.traff@bmwm5.com) has signed my
guestbook and even placed a nice picture of a new M5 there for me.

He writes:  " It is an acknowledged fact today that the BMW M5 has
created a very different and entirely new market
 segment growing in popularity world over: the sportscar in disguise.
These cars are characterised only by the most outstanding
 achievments in technology visible at the first sight only to the driver
of a BMW M5. Simply adding some turbochargers and an
 S canīt make it. Sorry to say, but no Audi could even be close in terms
of performance than the new 1998 BMW M5 with
 400 HP."

Ok, after I pulled myself off the floor from laughing, I thought I had
to share this with you guys...   I *knew* there was a reason I didn't
like BMW quite as much as Audi....  the simple minded owners like that
guy!  ;-)   The M5 is a great car, I have nothing against them, but the
new S4 is also a killer car and I suspect a few M5 owners will have a
taste of it soon.  :-)