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Re: Bimmer boy crashes the guestbook at Audi-S-Cars

Darin Nederhoff decided to speak these words:

>He writes:  " It is an acknowledged fact today that the BMW M5 has
>created a very different and entirely new market
> segment growing in popularity world over: the sportscar in disguise.
>These cars are characterised only by the most outstanding
> achievments in technology visible at the first sight only to the driver
>of a BMW M5. Simply adding some turbochargers and an
> S canīt make it. Sorry to say, but no Audi could even be close in terms
>of performance than the new 1998 BMW M5 with
> 400 HP."

I cant imagine there being anything in reality that is a true "sports car in disguise."  YOu cant tell me that if you took out that back seat, took out those rear doors, and lightened  it that the car wouldnt be faster....


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