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Stop Leak.

At 06:42 PM 9/30/98 -0400, G. Benedikt Rochow wrote:

>As the drip rate of my '84 5kS is quite low,
>I'm wondering about using a stop-leak product.

>I'm interested in any positive/negative/neutral
>experiences (and theorizing) on the following types
>of products:

>-"Gold Seal" radiator/block sealant, requires draining,
>flushing with water, filling and letting sit with sealant/water
>mix, draining, flushing, refilling. "Not compatible with antifreeze".

>-"Bar's Leaks" small amount of liquid, to be added to warm coolant.
>followed by running engine for 15-30 minutes. "Seals all
>[...], aluminum, and plastic radiators and [some other water-tank-like

>-"Porter Seal" (?) looks like coarse ground tobacco, to be added
>to coolant, (or mix with water to make a paste to apply from the
>outside :), "mechanics' choice since 1915", (C) 1937,
>"also seals aluminum"



I've used the "Porter Seal" in my first 85 4kS and had severe clogging
problems in the radiator, had to replace it, and some hoses, shortly
thereafter.  I found a good used radiator at a yard for about $50 and
installed it without too much problem.   

Drew C. Boggs