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Re: 200t shocks/struts: clicking on turning, wandering steering

> Gabriel GasRyder ?, not what the list would have
> recommended, but that's ok :-)

:) I wish I could afford what the list recommends
sometimes. Four Gabriels cost me R500 (less than
$85), not bad when you're strapped horribly for

> Did they replace the strut bearing ?  I'm guessing no.
> The strut bearing is that rubber "castellated" piece you
> referenced.

Strut bearing is under the strut mounting. The strut
mount is that triangular metal plate with the
rubber castellated region in the middle. The shock
piston rod goes through the rubber bit and there
is a large dome-like washer between the rubber and
the nut at the top of the rod. If you're talking
about the plate holding the rubber piece then they're
stinking brand new and were bought from VW/Audi agent
about a month or so before the shocks went in.
Perhaps I should strip the struts and look at the
bearing and bearing plates.

> Many of us including myself on two 89 100's.  It was fixed
> on both by replacing the strut bearing when the struts
> where replaced. :-)

I will go find pricing on the bearings and perhaps
plates, and might as well get hold of the idiot who
sold me the shocks and tell him I want a new set. I mean,
they're supposed to have a guarantee of some sorts.

> I doubt the wandering and clicking is related, but I've
> been wrong before.....

I think what I need to do with the steering thing is to
have a specialist strip it and look at bushings, rods
and whatever. I know for certain my pump needs an
overhaul, can be heard while cruising.

> How many mile`s on the car ?

Just done 130,000km.

> Could be lower control arm bushings ?

I'll put it down on the list of parts to check. I'll
go to Westgate Motors and have them check them properly.
They have a rebushing system that is supposedly very

> Where are you located ?  the list may be able to steer
> (pun intended) you to a reputable mechanic familiar with
> Audi's.

:) That would be nice, but who do you know who works on
Audis in Cape Town, South Africa. :)

Thanks. I will go find out about bearings and have the
steering arms looked at.



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