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Re: oil consumption...why?

Hairy green toads from Mars made C1J1Miller@aol.com say:

> I've heard that high oil consumption (over a quart every 3k miles) is common
> on the 20-valve normally aspirated engines ('90-'91 coupe quattro, '91 90q);
> however, from other sources, the 20-valve turbo engines ('91 200q, later
> S4/S6) is not known for burning much (if any) oil.  I'm pretty sure the valve
> guides, etc. are the same between the two engines (and probably other
> 5-cylinder engines); so what is the likely cause of the oil loss?  Any
> comments?  Comments about possible bullet holes through the block specifically
> _not_ encouraged...

I don't know engine internals, but Angela's 90Q20V needs at least
a quart, sometimes two between 3000 mile oil changes. My 100Q10V
needs nary a drop (it is down maybe 1/2 quart by 3000 miles).

Every mechanic I have ever talked to said this is "normal"
for the NA 20V engine. I think even Bentley/Alldata says it.


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