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Need to renew EC Magazine?

One of the (many) joys of having a school kid is the constant stream
of fundraisers they get to do.

This one is a good one, though. It's a magazine sub(youknowwhat)tion
service that not only gives as good a price as the magazine itself,
but her school gets 40% off the top. I guess that says a lot about
the markup on magazines!

Anyway, some prices are: EC is $14.97 for 12 issues, Car and Driver
is $11.97 for 12 issues. They also have almost every mag you can
imagine, and a few you can't!

So, if anyone needs to renew (or start) EC, C&D, etc., and is
interested in helping a student get some money for her school,
send me mail.

ObAudiContent: in 3 years when she learns how to drive, Emily
gets Angela's 90Q20V, and Angela goes a-hunting for an AllRoad.


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