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Just put the Neuspeed chip in the A4...Wheeeeee!

My first day with the Neuspeed chip in my A4t:

Door bell rings yesterday morning; it's the UPS guy with a package from
Greedspeed. I rip the package from his hands like a selfish kid on Christmas,
UPS driver gives a funny look and walks away.

I walk to the garage and start the brain transplant. 3 minutes later, we have
success. There was on casualty though....one lost one ECU box bolt in the
process, oh well, I've got some on the way anyway from my Audi mechanic
friend, George.

Turned on the ignition for 1 minute to introduce my new ECU to my car. After 1
minute, I started the car. The car did not want to start and was choking for
5-6 seconds...and then VROOOOOM!  Bingo, car is idling perfect. No other
starting problems again; I guess the car didn't like being without it's brain
for 2.5 days.

I go for a drive around town, keeping the rpms below 2000 for the first 5
miles, then below 3000 for another 5 miles. I stop and turn the car off, turn
back on, and started to explore what it feels like to have .8 bar in my

I hit the gas.....WOW! Boy did that redline come up fast! I am amazed at how
fast this car is now. The power comes in the upper bands (obviously) and when
my engine hits 4,000, my head hits the back of the headrest!

Uh oh....a beep is heard and the check engine light comes on......I panic.
Wait, it's only the low gas warning, whew.....forgot I was low on gas.

I pick up Breeze at work and flex my extension of my masculinity for her...she
is impressed with the car and says "wow, it feels as fast as the M3 we drove
the other day!"  Well, it's not that fast...but it does feel fast neverless.
Then she asks "Is it faster than Bob Myer's S6?"  Well maybe not that fast
either, but real close.  She just won't shut up about how much she likes Bob's
car; BOB - keep your car away from my fiancee!

And I just ordered 17" Ronals R28s with P7000ss.  I am just spending as much
as I can before I say "I do" in 23 days and lose all control of the money.

  /\        _I        Christian J. Long (& Breeze Heller - fiancee)
/    \ I_I I_I I      Orlando, Florida, USA
                       University of Central Florida Alumni 1994
'98 Audi A4 1.8tm     Low pressure V2 rocket; K&N, Neuspeed .8 bar
'96 BMW 318ti         Will be replacing with another Audi soon...
'90 Audi 90              Now in the hands of the mother in law
Past Audis: '84 CGT, '85CGT, '87.5 CGT, '90 CQ