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Re: Rookie question on "'bomb' failure sensor"

JMGarciaJr@aol.com wrote:
> For what it's worth, on my 1992 S4, the dashboard "Brake" light has been
> acting funny. Whenever the handbrake is released, it takes a few seconds to
> turn off, and it comes on briefly after hitting a bump or some other road
> surface irregularity. Is this something to be seriously concerned about or
> just something minor and annoying to be dealt with at the dealership (my car
> has a 3/36 warranty) when I take it in 1st thing Monday?
> Concerned but not in a panic,
> -Joe in SoFla
> 1992 S4 ~47K mi.

    It sounds to me like the power steering fluid level is low. Open the
hood, there is a cylinder shaped reservoir for the power steering fluid.
You should be able to check the fluid level without opening it, since
the cylinder is translucent. However, older Audis sometimes have clouded
reservoirs. If this is the case, open it to see your fluid level. It
should be between the min and max values. If the fluid level is close to
the min level or slightly below it, your brake light will go everytime
you hit a bump and every time you sharply depress the brakes.
     BEWARE..do not use normal power steering fluid in this reservoir.
Your car requires expensive hydraulic steering fluid that is sold under
the brandname Pentosin at foreign parts stores, or is available from the
dealer. Prices for a liter of this fluid range from $14-$25, depending
on where you get it. Do NOT put the el-cheapo power-steering fluid in
the car...dire consequences result (over time).BTDT thanks to PO.
     When you open your hood, look around for a leak in the hyraulic
system. The reservoir is NOT supposed to lose fluid. The leak will most
likely be in
1. Power Steering Pump
2. Steering Rack
3. One of the lines.

      Since you are under warranty, the dealer may just top off the
fluid level and return the car to you. If it a slow leak, it may last
the entire 3/36 period. They won't have to pay the cost of replacing
something major on the car that way. Don't let them get away with
       If there is a leak, which I suspect, you want the dealer to
replace whatever is leaking..even if it a slow leak. *ALL* components of
the power steering system are expensive....especially the rack and bomb.
      You may still have a bad bomb, so try the pedal stiffness test as

P.S. The dire consequences of using the wrong fluid in this system
affect the car over time. The seals swell in the steering rack and the
steering pump, causing leaks. Your Bomb life is also reduced. These
things will fail sooner than "normal". The cost of replacing the entire
system is around $1500 maybe more. It took me two years, but finally I
have replaced everything in my power-steering system..except for the

Osman Parvez
Albany NY
89 200q 175K (down but not out)
85 Mr2 77K
91 Golf (temp)