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Re: stuck door lock on 865KTQ

In a message dated 10/1/98 9:22:56 AM, jdhillon@cibc.onramp.ca wrote:

<<My right rear door lock has quit functioning on my car.. as I squeeze the

trigger on the door handle, I can't feel any resistance which would

indicate the door latch mechanism is being exercised. The door can't be

opened from inside or out. How can I get the door open to fix the lock

whilst causing the minimal amount of damage???

thanks in advance, Jim 


This same problem arose on my 85 4ks....first make sure the door is
then make sure the trigger on the outside door handle is disengaged {you might
have to pry it free with a kitchen knife or very thin screwdriver} ...go to
the interior of the car and it should open.. you might need to put your
shoulder into it if it has been inoperable for some time.....do the r&r ,make
sure to lubricate.
Mike 85 4ksq