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Re: 4kcsq rear end

In a message dated 10/3/98 12:52:47 AM, IraT@aol.com wrote:

<<Started taking apart the rear suspension etc on my 4kq, it is a pain. Doing
the front is easier.  I'm replacing ball joints, tie rods, wheel bearings, and
struts.  Still haven't figured out how to remove ball joint from strut
housing, Bentley manual shows the specialty VW/Audi puller; I think I'll let
the machine shop remove it when they press in the new wheel bearings.  Another
thing the rear axle nut is a 32mm and the front is a 30mm like on A1 chasis
VWs.  Rotors seized to hub, hammer and penetrating oil.  Just wanted to tell
you guys what a pain in the rear it is working on the rear of the 4kq.  Thanks
for listening.

Ira T. Deere
'86 4000cs quattro, on jack stands right now

I find the rear suspension to be as easy as the front to R&R , Of course it
helps if you have a heavy duty 1/2 " impact gun, PB blaster , and you must
take a wire wheel to the bolt threads before attempting to remove any
nuts...your Ball joints
should pop off if you cold chisel behind the flange..there usually is a dollop
of antisieze behind them...Be careful removing those Ball joint to strut
bolts...there is locktite on those and it a pain in ass if they break....