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RE: Bimmer boy crashes the guestbook at Audi-S-Cars

I have a friend who's had a 944 and an M3.  I can't get him to bite on
Audi's.  It's just a matter of horsepower.  He's had his share of flaws with
the M3, though.  Pieces flying off at 90mph, etc.  He'll look at every other
German car under the sun except Audi.  I don't understand.  I only have a
lowly '86 4000S (and a 944 that only has 162hp), but I'm satisfied.  They're
fun to drive even though you can't blow away the odd jerk in a BMW.  Anybody
can buy a big motor and stand on the gas.  I thought it was a huge deal when
VW finally got that 172hp VR6.  Now there's horsepower!!  Maybe if I owned a
car with big power I'd understand.  On the other hand, 32mpg isn't anything
to sneeze at.


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> Dave Aukerman wrote:
> > Yeah, but of course this is NA power, which means its power from the
> bottom
> > to the top.  Then there is that pesky matter of braking. . .something
> > seem to be very apt.  After all is considered who would want one?
> > Uhhhhhhh, could I have mine in silver/black please?
> Yep.. The only reason I like audi is "quattro". If it werent for that, Im
> sure
> Id be in a BMW too.