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Re: Bimmer boy crashes the guestbook at Audi-S-Cars

Bob wrote:

> Andrei Kogan wrote:
> > There is a more *interesting* message on the same page. A few entries up:
> >
> > Has anyone even heard of this car?
> HAHahahahahhaha!! Thats a beauty! A Cim-moron! Unfortunately, IVe heard of
> it... Nothing but a citation.
> It was obviously put in as a joke... a more valid arguement would be a schwinn,
> but certainly not a cimmeron

YEAH guys, look at the name... Christian LONG...   he has an A4 and we go back and
forth with each other from time to time.  He's pretty cool, but I often wonder
about his mental state...  and have sympathy for Breeze (his soon to be wife).  ;-)