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Re: experiences with radiator stop-leak?

> As the drip rate of my '84 5kS is quite low,
> I'm wondering about using a stop-leak product.
> I'm interested in any positive/negative/neutral
> experiences (and theorizing) on the following types
> of products

Fix it and fix it right.  And be prepared to replace the *entire*
cooling system, as one leak disappears the pressure goes up, breaks next
oldest part, etc.  Radiator, heater core, all hoses.

I used Bar's in my 83 5kt, reservoir stayed nice and full.  Well, it
should havem the Bar's stopped the down hose out of it from flowing! 
Radiator slowly emptied, reservoir stayed full.  These cars will run
forever, they deserve and need to be fixed right in the early stage of
problems like this.

sorry if this isn't what you wanted to hear...

Huw Powell


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