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Re: Dealer blues

 <jeffm@fatcity.Corp.Sun.COM> writes:

>Took my '95 A6 into Carlsen yesterday.  Car was idling rough
>$595 dollars later they tell me it had two fouled plugs.
>I guess that 'dealer' expertise doesn't come cheap.
>I find this damn upsetting.
>"Chump" in Palo Alto

    Don't be too upset, a customer came into my friends garage with
  an 100 wagon that was running like crap.  Long story short, the 
  problem was a vacuum leak/disconnected sensor.  Customer
  came to pick up car, and showed an invoice from a local
  dealer....they had charged him close to $1300.00 to basically
  change the Oxy sensors, and told him to come back because
  the car was still running like crap, but the oxy sensors needed
  changing anyway.  You're not alone.  


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