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Re: which audis use Pentosin?

> > Isn't it the other way around?  Pentosin 7.1 has a green cap and 11S
> > has a red cap.  I've never seen G002000 with a green cap.

> Others will have to comment on Pentosin - it seems to be a USA-only
> product.

Would have thought it was sold in Germany.  The can labeling is German:
CHF 7.1 Ol fur zentral-hydraulische Systeme.  The english warnings and
contents are secondary to the German ones.

> However - there is a 1 litre can of G 002 000 on the table next to my
> keyboard that came from my local Audi dealer only a week or so ago - it
> has a green cap.

Oh no.  Sounds like we have a major source of US/UK confusion here.

Useless fact, the Pentosin can has a BMW part number on the side,
actually written: BMW - Teile - Nr.: 81 22 9 407 549.