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Need help from someone with a Bentley for '89-'91 100/200/V8

I know its an odd request, but it seems that the malfunctioning outside temp
display in my '92 100S is of older vintage (made in 3/91 according to the
date on it). The display is not currently working properly (no temp reading,
just - - - displayed). The O/S temp sensor is only about a year old, so I
don't think that is the problem. When I look in my Bentley, the wire colors
for the five wires on the temp display are not the same as mine (my wires
are all solid colors). Could someone tell me what each wire (1-5)
corresponds to for the '89-'91 models? In my Bentley, wire 1 is for the
vehicle speed signal (white/blue wire), wire 2 is for the temp sensor
(brown/yellow wire), wire 3 is ground (brown), wire 4 is for instrument
illumination (gray/blue wire), and wire 5 is batter voltage (blue/red wire).
Do these positions 1-5 look the same as the ones on the '89-'91's? I have
the feeling that the wire positions maybe different on the older temp
displays. BTW, does anyone else's display not turn on when the car is first
started, but then turn on after the car has been started for about a minute?
Its always done this, just interested if anyone else has noticed this. TIA.

'92 100S (75k)