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Re: Need help from someone with a Bentley for '89-'91 100/200/V8

Craig D. Niederst wrote:
> I know its an odd request, but it seems that the malfunctioning outside temp
> display in my '92 100S is of older vintage (made in 3/91 according to the
> date on it). The display is not currently working properly (no temp reading,
> just - - - displayed). The O/S temp sensor is only about a year old, so I
> don't think that is the problem. When I look in my Bentley, the wire colors
> for the five wires on the temp display are not the same as mine (my wires
> are all solid colors). Could someone tell me what each wire (1-5)
> corresponds to for the '89-'91 models?

I started checking it for you but then recalleded that the '92-> have a separate
outside temp display in the bottom of the speedo whereas the type-44 cars (all
'89-'91 included) have it built into the climate control.

Sorry, you have a totally different setup.
Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros