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Re: Alarms

You wrote:

>    I've got a '91 90q20v, I purchaced the remote lock/unlock kit and the
> electric actuator, it does not work on this car! I've been in the doors, the
> trunk so many times I can't tell you.
>    The actuator will not mount in the door in such a way as to have enough force
> to open/close the master actuator (Audi stuff).

Hmmm, they work very well in the driver door of my old '85 5000s and in the
passenger door of my current '89 200TQ as well as in a few other Audis in which
I installed them.
Sometimes you have to use a cantilever for an odd installation (should be
supplied in the kit) if the empty door space is at a premium.

>    I've tried electrically, at the master actuator with a relay, not with the
> way Audi wired things, I can get either open, or close with a 10 second delay
> back to reopen.

Your doors reopen themselves after a 10 sec delay? A goofy alarm you have. Get a
Prestige - it comes with a code hopping and all. I installed an insane number of
them with a zero failure rate.
Sure Alpine and the like are fancy (it can talk to a thieve and the Police on
the car phone and all - after it is stolen :-), but of all Alpines that I've
installed about 30% were impossible to tune right (fluctuations of the magnetic
properties from car to car) and one half of the remaining 70% were back with
malfunctions (falseing mostly...)

Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros