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Re: seat swap

Robert D Greene wrote:
> Igor: Thanks for your response. If I change over the box, does all the
> wiring just hook up as stock?

I think so. The silver Al brain in my '89 takes three female plugs and one huge
red single wire (gauge 4?) with a female jack. Mike Zamikhovsky's seat brain
from his old '86 5000cs runs the show in my '89 right now - the original brain
in my '89 developed an amnesia for the pre-programmed seat positions. The
recurring need to manually readjust the driver seat back to your favorite
position becomes very annoying if sometimes in the morning your wife takes your
car when it happened to be left outside in front of the garage the night before
coz she does not like to rotate two cars in order to get her A4 out.

> Also, how do I fit the seat heater to the 89 seat?

You will have to disassemble the seat completely including stripping of the seat
covers (fabric or leather, whichever you might have. Fabric if you are lucky).
Do it on the bench, _not_ in the car!
Igor Kessel
Two turbo quattros