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Re: Wierd fuel problem, please help

> I felt underneath, and it apppears that gas is 
> continually dripping from the overflow line...

I just made a repair on my BIL's soon-to-be CGT that sounds similar.
This was right near the fuel pump, on the right rear of the car.

You'll find that under the car, the fuel lines are held to the body
by means of some metal clamps with a rubber grommet.  The rubber
appears to be perfect for trapping moisture, causing the lines to
corrode right inside the clips where you'll never spot it.
Once I removed the clips I found serious rust in two spots, and a 
pinhole in one of them.

My solution was to cut of a section of the line (using a small plumbers
pipe cutter, I started using a Dremel then quickly realized it was
suicidal) and to patch it with a piece of FI-rated rubber fuel hose
and two hose clamps.  Working great so far, and I don't expect it
to leak.

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