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Re: Wierd fuel problem, please help

Check the gravity vent valve above and to the right of the gas tank.
Procedure is in Bentley. When removing it, take the valve out of the
rubber holder. Leave the holder in the car. Much easier this way.
Luckily I practiced on a parts car as I bent up the bracket trying to
get the rubber holder to come out with the valve. The leaking one was
only slightly stuck. I put in the used replacement and no more leaky
fuel. I also checked two vacuum valves in the engine compartment, but
they were OK.

Michael Williams wrote:
> Ok, this is new.  The car got about 5 mpg on this tank of gas.  Every
> time i come to a stop i smell gas, this isnt new, but it is substantially
> worse this time.  There is NO smell of gas in the trunk, only at the rear
> right side quarter panel.  I felt underneath, and it apppears that gas is
> continually dripping from the overflow line...I would say this is ok, if
> it were just filled, but the gas guage reads less than 5 gallons left in
> the tank, and only 65 miles on the trip odometer.  This is disconcerting
> to say the least.
> Does ANYONE have any idea what could be causing this wierd behavior?
> later...
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