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Re: Audio 5KCSTQ

Richard Haroutunian wrote:
> I can't stand my f**ng stereo anymore.. It sucks -- the thing doesn't stay
> on for 2 minutes before it flakes out an shuts off..  It's awful.. I'm not
> sure what I need to do.  I've heard that it's NOT a real good idea to put
> anything but a stock or OEM 'Audi Design' unit in -- because I could wind
> up with some SERIOUS electrical issues if I do.

I hadn't heard this before, but... my car did have an Alpine in-dash CD
when I bought it, along with an Alpine amp in the trunk, and it worked
fine. Well, at least close; I'm not sure if all the speakers were
working. No effects on the rest of the car, at least. After the Alpine
was stolen, I chose to get a "theft deterrent" Jensen CD, which was
cheap. (It does have a detachable face, but I figured the name was an
equally good deterrent.) It worked fine for a few weeks. Then it started
playing the same channel (right) out both of its RCA outputs. Then it
started turning on and off (and raising and lowering the poor antenna)
at 1 Hz or so. 

I figure this is a problem with the radio and/or wiring; it couldn't
possibly be an incompatibility with the car, could it?! I never would've
guessed that people had problems with aftermarket radios in Audis; it
seems ridiculous. But, I've been surprised before by the Audi's design.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 150k